4. Scholarly activities related to e-Learning/ blended learning

International Conference Organized

Journal Papers (Refereed)

Workshops on blended learning conducted at PolyU

  • Get a Second Life – workshop on Second Life learning for EDC – autumn 2007
  • Support Workshop for Second Life – hands-on workshop on Second Life Learning for EDC – autumn 2007
  • Using online tutorials – Workshop on blended learning for EDC – 2008
  • Using Wikis for Group Projects – Workshop on blended learning for EDC – 2008
  • Ten Key Tools for Search, Research, Collaboration and Communication – Ways to save time, work smarter, & have some fun at the same time – Workshop on blended learning tools for EDC – September 2008
  • Workshop on Second Life – Hong Kong Police Force and for VTC Chinese Cuisine Institute - 2008
  • Promotion thru use of New Media  – PolyU PR Coordinators’ Sharing Session. Using Web 2.0 and PR 2.0 for promoting the work of your Faculty/ Department - June 2009

Journal Papers (in-progress)

Conference Proceedings (Refereed)

YouTube Videos
  1. Hong Kong PolyU Second Life
  2. Second Life Co-branding survey – Stage 1
  3. Hong Kong PolyU Teaching Hotel in Second Life V1
  4. Hotel Co-Branding Research Survey Stage 2
  5. Student Orientation – HK PolyU

College Fair in Second Life
Research in Second Life - Hotel co-branding survey in PolyU Virtual Teaching Hotel

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