2. Development of curricula and resources to support a blended learning approach

I append four examples of development of curricula and resources to support a blended learning approach. I have tried to take a strategic, big picture approach, to blended learning – not as a replacement for the classroom, but to complement, strengthen and support teaching and learning in SHTM. All the following examples began with an identified need – teachers expressing their concerns, asking for help, or facing challenges in the classroom or with their students.

Example 2.1: Development of Teaching Resource Bank   http://delicious.com/tags/HTRC

I have developed a very useful bank of resources to support each subject and study area in the SHTM curriculum. Called “Resources for Teaching, Learning and Research” - this an online resource accessible and searchable in a browser.

Example 2.2: Development of e-Teaching & Learning Toolbox for PolyU -  http://project.shtm.polyu.edu.hk/joomla15

The purpose of the e-Teaching and Learning Toolbox was to: Develop a bank of reusable resources; Address teaching challenges, especially for the new 4-year degree program in 2012; Prepare for blended learning when opportunities arise; Support SHTM contingency plan if students cannot attend classes on campus, for example, due to an outbreak of H1N1

Example 2.3: SHTM Outcome-based Education Wiki http://shtmoutcomes.wetpaint.com/ 

The OBE Wiki was set up in response to teachers who were implementing OBE approaches and grappling with CRA and other challenges such as large classes, assessment etc. SHTM OUTCOME-BASED EDUCATION

Example 2.4: SHTM Teacher’s Wiki SHTM TEACHERS' WIKI

The Teacher’s Wiki is an eclectic collection of ideas and resources that is used when needed by teachers.

Example 2.5 is the development and management of a two-year blended MSc program for mainland Chinese students who needed to complete their program in a flexible mode as they were scattered around north and eastern China, and could not attend a central location for studies apart from key sessions in Hangzhou and Ningbo.  http://project.shtm.polyu.edu.hk/shtmonline/

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